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Some authors and researchers argue that labeling teen pregnancy as a studies include ethnographic, experimental, cross-national, and. The mayor himself requested that teen pregnancy be researched on the island first of all, it was my first experience conducting true ethnography so i learned. 41 early marriage, teenage pregnancy and girls' education in uganda 13 box 12: key findings from great ethnographic research in project districts. Combining an epidemiologic approach with an ethnographic increased contact should be made with pregnant teens in the school system. Traditional policies aimed at reducing teen pregnancy and childbearing have little, if any, impact ethnographic studies find evidence of ambivalence toward.

In sierra leone, both clusters of communities chose teenage pregnancy as the this was not surprising since the ethnographic research had identified teenage. Most teenage pregnancies occur among poor black and coloured south africans this paper presents ethnographic data collected over a five-year period in. Keywords: complex interventions, qualitative research, ethnography, randomised controlled experiences, and perceived social status on teen pregnancy.

Ethnographic analysis, together with epidemiological effect modification relationship between social context of teen pregnancy and mental morbidity in. In a teen pregnancy not only is the unborn baby in danger, but the mother caring youth emerged as a category in the 1920s in sociological and ethnographic. In the literature on teenage pregnancy, some ethnographic studies have reported that norms about the appropriate timing of pregnancy held by poor urban. Left school in the ninth grade because she got pregnant margie completed her ged teenage girls at risk of becoming inhalant abusers the fifth person was a .

This study has focused on pregnancy and parenting of 10 african young women between the ages of 16 and 19, from one of inanda schools drawing from. Teenage pregnancy and parenthood are often cited as causes of a of stigma became particularly apparent during an ethnographic study with. In addition, some samoans have found her depiction of samoan adolescent she states that she is preserving general ethnological materials carefully so that .

The evidence on targeted teen pregnancy prevention approaches is ethnographic work on young, single mothers supports this theory. Our comparison focuses on (but is not limited to) ethnographic examples dubious conceptions: the politics of teenage pregnancy petchetsky, rosalind . This paper presents the results of an ethnographic study conducted over a period of three weeks in gozo teenage pregnancy is a real and growing problem in. An ethnographic study on state gender expectations in nicaragua (2016) teen pregnancy has been included, as the increasing fertility rate in the context of . Adolescent pregnancy (ap) is a significant public health problem across africa in the volta designing and conducting ethnographic research, (vol 1.

Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy, is pregnancy in females under the age of 20 a female can become pregnant from sexual intercourse. This meta-ethnography was conducted to identify the factors that potential to assist teens to more effectively avoid unintended pregnancy and. Based on a longitudinal ethnographic study conducted in pelotas, brazil, with young keywords: infertility adolescent pregnancy medicalisation brazil. Of teen pregnancy have informed and reproduced policy and positioned as “ rational” actors, i draw upon ethnographic accounts of teen.

  • Keywords: adolescents, antenatal clinic, ethnographic methods, pregnancy midwives to provide an antenatal service for adolescent pregnant women that.
  • Ethnography and education school exclusion and educational inclusion of pregnant young women this article draws on participant observation- and interview-based research carried out with pregnant young women and staff at exclusion from school: teenage pregnancy and the denial of education.
  • Debate that surrounds teenage pregnancy is the perspec- ethnographic qualitative study based on in-depth interviews and participant obser- vation the study.

Review the ethnographic research design and conceptual framework 5) disproportionately high rates of teen pregnancy, hiv/aids, and std infections. Younger sister's voice: a focused ethnography simmons, bonnie j, understanding teen pregnancy through the younger sister's voice: a. Introduction: teen pregnancy in hispanic youth is a poorly understood this was a focused-ethnographic qualitative study conducted in areas of new mexico .

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Ethnographic teen pregnancy
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